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Weeknotes #1

I rediscovered these short reflections a week ago and I like weeknote format a lot. I tend to forget what happened, what I've finished and what was done well (or not that well). Also, I need to practice my writing skills, especially in English. So it's win win.

This site as a reminder of being agile

I am full of ideas on new side projects, but sometimes, I struggle to deliver them in the scope and quality I visualize. This is even worse with projects where I am personally involved – my portfolio is the finest example.

I like iterative approach to projects, so I applied it also to my portfolio. I just installed Gatsby starter (first time ever!), changed theme colors and published it on Netlify (also, first time ever). That's it – it's in production now. Out there, in the crazy internet.

It depends on me now what will happen next. I may let it die, or I can extend it. Let's see what future brings.

Awesome design systems jobs

I and my colleague Luděk started curating job listings for design systems roles a few weeks ago. We decided not to overthink it much and start small – with a simple Github repository (see? again being agile!). We have more than 150 commits now and traffic is all right. We’ve got some stars as well. In product management terminology, we've validated our MVP.

It just seems that people like our small project. That motivates us to push it a bit further. And even that Github is great for developers, designers and recruiters may struggle with it a bit. So we've decided that we'll build a fresh new website. More info in next weeks.

Promising future of Orbit

It would be weird to publish weeknotes without mentioning Orbit, design system I work on at

We went to Zagreb to discuss next steps regarding major front-end refactoring that is planned for This means we are another step closer to faster and more usable and it positively affects the experience of our front-end developers.

Orbit, a product we're working on for some time, will be in the center of all that. I am excited by this a lot, to be honest.

CSS Grid

I heard a lot of buzz CSS grid, however, I didn’t have much time to play with it though. But now, when we're working on a Layout component for Orbit, and we decided to base it on a CSS grid, I pushed myself to a small coding challenge to understand how the grid works.

Check the output; I think it’s pretty cool. Not pixel perfect with the original design, but it's not that important.

Anyway, I finally understand how CSS grid works. That may be useful for my next designs, it opens a lot of new possibilities for me as a designer.

New „for now secret“ project

Another design systems project, of course. Sometimes I think that I should work also on non-design-system stuff, but… what can I say 🤷‍♂ I just like to work on design systems.️

So, about this project. I’ve discussed it several times with a lot of people in the past two or three months, and we weren’t sure how to approach it best. But an opportunity came and we took it. I will tell more in next weeks, but I can tease that it’s something that should have a real public impact. Keep following me, more info soon. I promise 🙂

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