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Weeknotes #2

Another week, another weeknotes. Let's make a habit from this.

Orbit supports translations

We were discussing translations for Orbit for some time, and I am thrilled that we finally did it. We added the translation layer directly to our design system. We currently have a translation of small strings in components – mostly things that are important for accessibility. 30+ languages. Or you can add your own if needed.

One step closer to provide a design system for anyone who wants to kick-off a new travel product. πŸš€

A little bit of tech dustiness

It's been a while since I created something with javascript. And because I liked how easy it was to launch this website with Gatsby, we've decided to use it also for a new design systems jobs site.

And that kicked us back pretty quickly – mostly because of the design I created. I intended to provide "email" like experience – where you have a list of active jobs, and you can easily browse through them. It looked like this. πŸ‘‡

We tried to hack it, and it worked. However, we broke SEO features and Gatsby default rendering. So we've made a one step back, and I'm creating a new design, which should be easier to implement.

That's just another reminder of how important it is to understand the possibilities of technology you want to work with. The biggest realization of the last few weeks was that I need to get more into an understanding of how things work and get my hands dirty again. But it will make building things much easier for me.

At least we are on Twitter now

I thought that we have a new job site running already. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Didn't happen, but I've learned a lesson, as mentioned before. However, it's great that we started our Design Systems Jobs Twitter account. Follow us; it will make us happy :)

The first workshop in DSC meetups

When we were discussing what types of design systems meetup we want to organize, we've also mentioned workshops. That became a reality now – our first workshop will focus on UI audit. If you don't know, UI audit is a pretty common activity when building a new design system from an existing product. We will audit, a huge e-shop here.

Anyway, I was surprised how fast we reach a full workshop capacity – just 6 hours and all 25 spots were gone. This scared me a bit too, to be honest. I am so happy that content like this is interesting for people. That's why we organize our meetups, after all.

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