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Weeknotes #3

Planning UI audit workshop, excellent talk about future of UI design and Twitter bookmarks.

Upcoming UI audit workshop

I haven't been working on a public workshop for some time now, and I almost forgot how exciting it is for me. Of course – it is a bit stressful, with all the requirements I have. After all, everything needs to be perfect, right πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ And then I see the wallpaper on my second monitor, and I read a quote I put there about a year ago: "Nothing is invented and perfected at the same time. – John Ray". And suddenly, I am calmer.

On the more serious note – I still don't have it fully prepared, but I already realized some benefits, at least for me. I wrote a few ideas on new articles. I want to write about how to kick-off your design system.

Design is elemental

That's the name of the talk I saw right after publishing my weeknotes from the past week. And I have recommended it to many people from then. So I am putting it also here because it's just worth it.

I also published my notes on this talk on my Twitter. If something sparks any your thought, don't hesitate to reply and start the conversation with me!

Twitter bookmarks

I have one lousy habit about Twitter (well, "one"...) – if I find any tweet that is not an article, I send it to Bookmarks. And because Bookmarks aren't available on desktop Twitter, I usually forget that I did it. So I decided to mention my past week's bookmarks also here. It may help me to remember them longer.

I have nothing much to add to the first one. Just that it's an excellent thread with interesting points about design and front-end roles around design systems. Enjoy!

The second one added just as a reminder of one podcast I want to hear next week.

I was happy to see that incredible Stuart Robson, who is curating Design Systems News published slides to his recent talk. Also, a small mention about design tokens in Orbit, just next to tokens from Lightning and Polaris, made me a slightly proud.

And the last one – just a thought from Alex, but it made me realize another thing that I miss a lot in handover tools like Zeplin or Avocode. Abstract's handover feature is going in that direction slightly – at least they highlight changes in different versions. As I am currently writing commit guidelines for's design team, I consider adding something like this as a recommendation.

Generating React components in Wordpress

Our design system documentation runs on Wordpress – seriously. And it's working pretty well (with caching plugin, of course). We made a lot of smaller improvements like showing color blocks, generating a list of icons, tokens or from Github repo.

Recently, we've added a simple search feature that also logs all queries and to be honest – all that works pretty well.

However, we've hit a wall now. We want to preview our React components, and it's not that easy. We've started a project on for as an MVP, and we are using iframes to load it to page. To see it in action, check Button component. But we want more actually, so we are exploring some other ways how to do it. I am happy that we've found a suitable solution for it and I am looking forward to trying it next week on production.

Current reading

I started to read the book β€œEnds” a while ago and even that it's a fresh perspective. I usually read one or two chapters and then grab another book instead of finishing this one. Ironic? Maybe.

Now I started to read a new design systems book, and I plan to publish some of my notes on it next week in my weeknotes.

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