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Weeknotes #4

Another week behind me, another weeknotes – this week about different approach, design system workshop and new book and mostly about one great conference I've been on.

Be more retrospective

When I look back to my previous weeknotes, I've always mentioned stuff I plan to do in the following week. And then, I change plans usually find time for something different.

It seems like I am stressing myself without any reason. So from now on, I'll use these weeknotes for the retrospective of what happened or what I've learned in last week.

And it's possible that I will change it again. I am iterating my approach to weeknotes, so it gives me the biggest possible value.

CzechDSC after one year

It's been a year since I've founded Czech Design Systems Community. Let's start with some numbers:

When we kicked off our meetups with Tereza Novotná last year, we were always planning three types of meetups:

  • Longer talks by guest speakers, mostly about different approaches to building design systems
  • Lightning talks followed by expert discussion in a panel
  • Workshops

From what've already done, talks just works. We were able to invite great speakers, and we always got excellent feedback. Events like this are the reason no. 1 that we currently have more than 650 members in our group.

Lightning talks followed by an expert discussion in a panel is a different story. We tried it once in Prague (our first Prague meetup, actually) and we heard mixed feelings about it. We've learned that it's not that easy to organize panel discussion and that, next time, to have at least short talks mandatory.

And finally – workshops. We organized the first workshop last week, and according to excellent feedback, it was a success. We had the workshop focusing on UI audit – and not just components audit, but also some ideas on how to audit your colors or typography. Check the slides; they're live already.

More about the workshop

A small disclaimer – even that I have a lot of experience with workshops, this was my first public workshop that I've organized all on my own.

From what I've seen and talked with participants after the workshop, they've appreciated both the depth and length of the workshop. It was relevant to what they need to solve now in their jobs.

“It looks like that workshop like this opens more questions than give answers.”
– One of the participants

To me, personally, this one-liner expresses partially what I wanted to teach workshop participants. To realize that when working on the project as a design system, there is more to see than a final set of colors, components, and rules.

And some photos to share. It was fun.

Women in Tech conference

I've attended the Women in Tech conference in Brno, which is organized by

The first thing to say: kudos to our community team behind They did an excellent job, and from what I saw from feedback already, people loved it too.

Talks and the general mood felt very inspirational. And I am talking here as someone who is already in the tech industry. I can't even imagine how inspirational it had to be for a young woman starting or looking into their tech career.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
– Peter Drucker or Abraham Lincoln 🤷‍♂️

Current reading: Building design system

From what I've already read, it looks like a good starter for anyone who wants to build a new design system. Full review when I am done with the book, which will be probably sometimes on my vacation in Tenerife, Spain.

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