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Weeknotes #5

From Tenerife about design system for Česko.Digital, planned meetup and book I just finished.

I am in the middle of a long vacation and exploring mountains and beaches of Canary Islands, so this (and next) week just short weeknotes from me.

Design system for Česko.Digital

I am pretty excited about this project. Jakub Nešetřil just launched the new website and we already planned kick-off meeting at the start of June. There is a lot

This new design system is a nice challenge for me. I was always building a design system from a product that already existed – some project that had technical and design debts, and we needed to take it slowly and iteratively.

This design system is different, though. Česko.Digital website was just launched, and it has only a few components. There are other great projects starting under this initiative. And our goal is to offer a design system that will speed up the development of all these smaller projects, to give people time not to focus on writing accessible UI, but on the project itself.

Design systems meetups

Last week was a lot about looking for speakers for our meetup. A few weeks ago, we had a nice chat over tacos with Tereza about the future of our meetups. In the start, we planned to have more and more speakers who are presenting case studies of their company design systems.

But it's not that common to have dedicated people working on the design system, at least here in the Czech Republic. So we were discussing other possible steps – and after some thought and small research, I feel that we can offer something else.

We want to give more talks on how to start a design system – from different perspectives of designers and front-end developers. What's great is that getting into Česko.Digital community, I have discovered a new possible pool of people experienced in building design systems.

Current reading

I just finished reading "Building design systems" book, and it was very insightful. I started to write a review of this book, and I plan to publish it here soon, but it already gave me a few fresh ideas how to improve documentation for Orbit or how to kick-off communication for new Česko.Digital design system.

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