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Weeknotes #6

My first weeknotes in June about the future of UI design, an interesting approach to asking for feedback and documenting components.

Future of UI design

I am going to UX Camp Europe next weekend to have one of my favorite talks about the possible future of UI design and how it's all connected to design systems and software crisis. And project just appeared on my Twitter feed – a nice coincidence that is just useful as an update to my talk slides.

However, yes, this is the future of UI design where algorithms like this can help to quickly pick a matching visual style and apply it to your components (and build the entire webpage just ready to fill with your unique content). We are not there yet as there is no framework supporting design tokens implemented widely and precisely like this, but that's just a matter of time. As far as I know, Material team used something very similar to explore component styles (check a talk mentioned in my previous weeknotes).

Sneak peek from us: We are playing with theming possibilities in our Orbit design system too, hopefully, to release more in next months.

Friday advice from Julie Zhuo

Not sure what more to add, but I want to mention this here and write it to my memory stronger. This is a very nice approach on how to ask for better feedback on your work.

And also a gentle reminder that I should finish reading of her new book: The Making of a Manager #currentReading.

From Twitter bookmarks: thread on documenting components

These are my 6th weeknotes, and if I should pick just one benefit for me, it would be checking my saved Twitter bookmarks.

Because if I wouldn't check them, I would probably forget about this thread from amazing @Amy_Hupe:

There are so many great replies (to pick this, this or this), but I was excited the most about the mention of repository of government design systems. That's some great resource to explore as we are starting something very similar for Česko.Digital iniciative.

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